Research. Strategy. Design.

We blend in-depth research, human-centered strategic thinking and high-level aesthetics to achieve successful naming, brand identity, packaging design, environments, and digital.

Exhibit A: Design Group is a full-service strategic creative consultancy.

Since 2002, our human-centered approach to research, design and technology has discovered, transformed, and propelled corporate and consumer companies into respected brands, and fast growing businesses.

We work with companies of all sizes – in all business sectors – on ambitious projects where success is dependant on the discovery process and exceptional craft to be successful in today’s increasingly competitive, complex and multi-channel world.

Our small, highly-focused studio empowers clients to position physical, intellectual and emotional experiences, brands, products and services by way of solid strategy while applying design at the highest level.

Through our brand discovery + development platform entitled HUE™ (for HUman Experience), we uncover a deeper connection and visual expression that results in meaningful strategy, positioning, naming, brand identity, brand design, packaging design, environments, and digital design.

We serve clients locally, nationally and internationally.

Our Guiding Principles

For over 20 years, we’ve formulated core philosophies which guide our studio culture, ideology and practice, and that are deeply engrained in every aspect of our daily activities and business.

– 01

We welcome ambitious projects and fearlessly approach any new challenge alongside passionate clients that seek the ultimate creative partnership.


– 02

We thrive on questions, issues and conversations in a welcoming, safe environment that nurtures and cultivates diversity, equity and inclusion.


– 03

Our process prioritizes the importance of a collaborative relationship with clients ensuring they make informed decisions through exploration, strategy and the creative process.


– 04

We pursue the discovery and development of a brand character and culture that speaks directly to an intended audience while offering something different in lifestyle and ideology.


– 05

We build bold brands on the idea of truth, distinction and character as our terms of measure. And we approach our own business the same way.


– 06

We empower clients to scale and position physical, intellectual and emotional brands, products and experiences by way of a solid strategy while achieving design at the highest level.


– 07

We believe in sustainability (not as an industry sub-category) and we always consider the environmental, social, and economic impact of every project outcome as part of our creative process.

We create brand names that successfully position and introduce companies, products and services to the world.

We use strategy to develop bold, unique brand identities that ensure our clients get noticed and establish strong connections.


We craft, build and grow all details of brand, packaging, environments, and digital design to attract, engage and inspire.

For over 20 years, our human-centered, strategic process has positioned bold brands that are prepared to challenge within new, and established categories.


Notable Areas of Experience

We prefer not to be called experts. because industries and categories – and customers and consumer expectations – are always changing. But we also believe that past industry insight and experience is advantageous.

Regardless, we always set about every project with a fresh perspective even if we’ve previously worked in a specific sector. Here are some areas that we’ve worked:


– Green & Sustainability

Eco-cleaners, bio-plastics and renewable energy storage. We collaborate with global companies leading the way to make a positive impact on the environment. Select clients: Sapadilla Soap, Good Natured, VRB Energy.


– Food & Beverage

Healthy snacks, old fashioned country jams, and coffee and tea. We emotionally position start-up and established food and drink companies for growth and scale. Select clients: Love Me Some, Savary Island Pie Company, Salt Spring Coffee.


– Alcohol & Spirits

Craft spirits, ready-to-pour cocktails, and hard cider. We develop stories with engaging messaging that appeal to discerning consumers in saturated markets. Select clients: Legend Distilling, Gabbie’s Cider, Left Field Cider.


– Manufacturing

Modular pool systems, sleeps systems, and vertical farm systems. We work with visionary leaders in manufacturing industries that understand the power of brand. Select clients: dunk Pools, Pure Energy Sleep Systems, Cubicfarms.


– Baby & Kids

Children’s retail, baby clothing, and after-school learning. We ensure values and aesthetics are emotionally aligned to win the hearts of parents.  Select clients: LouLou Lollipop, Parade Baby, Little Mountain Learning Academy.


– Health & Beauty

Skincare, self-care and natural hair removal products. We build brands that fulfill people’s needs and desires for a real connection beyond functional benefits. Select clients: Forget Beauty, Soul Wild,  äjles.


– Sports & Recreation

Indoor cycling, golf and guided backcountry skiing. We establish the broader role of the brand – culture and ideology – and the passion for sport and recreation. Select clientsSpinhouse, The Meadows at Pemberton, Whitecap.


– All Inquires Welcome

Our work gets recognized. As a result, potential future clients inquire about our services, and what may be perceived a competing interest.

Our process guarantees a strategic approach and an outcome that distinctly positions any product, or service. Although, we rarely offer market exclusivity, we always ensure absolute confidentiality. Let’s talk.

Applied Arts Magazine:

“Exhibit A studio consistently meets challenges and exceeds expectations.”