A Strategic Creative Consultancy.

We welcome ambitious projects with gutsy pre-launch startups, visionary entrepreneurs, and forward thinking, well-established companies that understand the value and power of research + strategy + design.

  • Interview, Applied Arts Magazine:

    “We’re moving into a generation where people are highly aware of great design. Especially in packaging.”

  • Creative Director, Exhibit A: Design Group:

    “Design is the process of asking and following questions. Aesthetics are the result of the answers discovered through constant observation and iteration.”

  • Interview, DesignEdge Magazine:

    “Sometimes [a package] doesn’t look the best in the category, from a ‘pretty‘ perspective, but functionally it’s positioned in the exact place it needs to be.”

Pure Energy Sleep Systems™ Elevated By A Dynamic Rebrand
Exhibit A: Design Group’s positioning strategy awakens and rejuvinates a sleeping brand for future growth aspirations.
Exhibit A: Design Group Launches Website Featuring 40+ Projects
The new website showcases experience in research, strategy, brand identity, packaging, environments, and digital.
Exhibit A: Design Group Recognized for Three International Design Awards
Annual packaging design competition presents studio with Certificates of Excellence in a range of categories.
Applied Arts Magazine:

“Exhibit A studio consistently meets challenges and exceeds expectations.”