Pure Energy Sleep Systems™ Elevated By A Dynamic Rebrand

Exhibit A: Design Group’s positioning strategy awakens and rejuvinates a sleeping brand for future growth aspirations.


Pure Energy Sleep Systems™ unveils complete rebrand – and newly named Living Bed™ product line – energized by its proprietary ecosystem ‘Dynamic Rest™’.

A collaboration with Exhibit A: Design Group, the comprehensive rebrand encompasses the entire company from strategic positioning through to an energetic, and sophisticated brandmark; better defined product options and new product names; and creative print and marketing communications. The complete brand program also includes updated modern lifestyle photography; and realigned merchandising strategies including in-store point of purchase environments. 

The rebrand is completed at a pivotal growth stage as Pure Energy Sleep Systems™ sets out to position itself as the luxury mattress design and manufacturing leader that combines natural and next generation materials which results in a more dynamic rest to live an energized life.


“With over 30 years manufacturing experience, Pure Energy Sleep Systems™ has always incorporated the highest quality materials and production techniques into our products including our own CellActive Technology™”,  “states Troy Zanatta, president of Restwell Mattress Company and owner of Pure Energy Sleep Systems.

“But now, we truly have a brand and cohesive story that better communicates the entire company’s culture, ideology, experience, scientific methods, and intellectual property. Exhibit A: Design Group helped us recognize and value our underlying intangible assets that now better support the brand.”


Exhibit A: Design Group guided Pure Energy Sleep Systems™ to uncover (no pun intended) and develop its proprietary ecosystem designed for the ultimate in regenerative sleep. Entitled Dynamic Rest™, it is the culmination of the companies intensive research, science, technology, materials and design for rest recovery.

A key project goal was to simplify the company’s messaging to better showcase its mattress products, technologies, and materials to consumers. This included renaming the products as the: Living Bed™ Collection. The collection name is inspired by the matresses’ technology to optimize ergonomic support and sleep quality for increased energy and stamina.

Living Bed™ also brings forth the role of today’s bedroom (mattress) as one of the central hubs for living, such as a personal haven; a meditation mat; a teen hangout; a reading lounge; a media room; a homework hub; a play space; a remote office; a hideaway; kids’ club; a healing zone; a private retreat and a family circle.


“The modern bedroom has become more than a place to sleep. It really is life’s resting spot for rejuvenation whether that be during sleep or a (mental) break in the day”, expresses Exhibit A: Design Group Principal and Creative Director Cory Ripley.

“Discovered in our early research was that the bedroom (mattress) is where we all go for varied levels of re-energizing for our daily lives. This perspective became the starting point for the Pure Energy brand strategy and positioning. High-level aesthetics were created to support and communicate the company’s unique points, and garner attention in the competitive retail environment.”


The concepts of “Living Bed™: The Luxury Mattress That Never Sleeps” and “Powered by Dynamic Rest™” engage consumers by challenging the understanding that ‘a sleeping brain is an energetic, purposeful machine’ that actually dictates much of our waking hours.

Pure Energy Sleep Systems™ introduced its new brand and products at The BC Home & Garden Show, Vancouver  March 10-13, 2022. The event was successful through the increased brand awareness, establishing new consumer relationships, generating qualified future sales leads, and ultimately closing a record number of product sales (even when compared to pre-pandemic sales figures).

Exhibit A: Design Group has been further engaged by Pure Energy Sleep Systems to launch the rebrand across British Columbia and Alberta. The marketing plan and strategy includes multiple sales presentations, promotional launch materials, corporate apparel, vehicle fleet, instore environments, video creation, and an extensive digital campaign across various sales channels.


About Pure Energy Sleep Systems™
Pure Energy Sleep Systems™ products are the result of 30 years of expertise into the intricacies of sleep’s critical role in enabling our minds and bodies to refresh, recover and rejuvenate for better quality of life. At the core of Pure Energy Sleep Systems™ is Dynamic Rest,™ the proprietary ecosystem for the ultimate in regenerative sleep. This ecosystem includes the Living Bed™ Collection of mattresses. Select models feature Pure Energy’s CellActive Technology™ made from scientifically researched materials such as Cellitex™ and CELLIANT®. CellActive Technology™ provides targeted, therapeutic comfort to optimize bodily recovery.

About Exhibit A: Design Group
Exhibit A: Design Group is a full-service strategic creative consultancy. We welcome ambitious projects with gutsy pre-launch startups, visionary entrepreneurs, and forward thinking, well-established companies that understand the value and power of research + strategy + design. We blend in-depth research, human-centered strategic thinking and high-level aesthetics have achieved successful naming, brand identity, packaging design, environments, and digital. Since 2002.

Pure Energy Sleep Systems – new logomark and wordmark.

Living Bed™. The luxury mattress that never sleeps.

Powered by Dynamic Rest™: Pure Energy’s proprietary ecosystem.

Advanced Sleep Science: for healthy, state-of-the-art sleep support.

Pure Energy Sleep Systems lifestyle product photography.

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