Love Me Some Crackers Set To Launch The Seed Revolution!

Exhibit A: Design Group creates a bold, colourful brand for a new generation of health-conscious snack lovers.


With inspiration to harness the ‘Power of Seeds’, Evania Foods launches Love Me Some™ Seed Crackers that fuse holistic nutrition + science to maximize the pleasure and benefit of eating healthy snacks.

As both a food scientist and mother, the owner of Evania Foods’ Charmaine Ng is committed to creating functional foods that are convenient, highly nutritious, and with powerful health benefits. The company’s first products are Love Me Some™ Seed Crackers.

Love Me Some™ Seed Crackers are formulated to utilize the science of ‘seed cycling’ as a naturopathic remedy to balance the hormonal rhythm in our bodies naturally. In addition to mood control, hormonal balance outcomes result in healthier skin, less fatigue or less hair loss. The ‘Super Seed’ ingredients utilized are Pumpkin Seeds, Flax Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, and Sesame Seeds,

Love Me Some’s brand strategy, product naming and packaging design was created by Exhibit A: Design Group. Every aspect of the brand design is intended to relay the company’s empowering message and mission  to enable customers to take care of themselves through thoughtful – and happy – snacking. The bold, colourful packaging garners attention on the shelf in the snack category.


“Because of the functional messaging aspect of the products, this was a challenging project to develop an appropriate brand strategy that would both appeal too – and educate – mainstream snack consumers in an engaging way”, states Cory Ripley, Exhibit A: Design Group Creative Director.

“Hormonal cycle remedies aren’t necessary top-of-mind when consumers are roaming the snack aisle, so we subtly weaved the functional benefits into the brand language at a third level”.


The Seed Cracker packaging is youthful, bold and colourful. The name ‘Love Me Some™’ speaks to self empowerment by making the choice to eat whole, nutrient-rich foods to feel like the best version of yourself. Each package displays the nutritional information as a prominent design feature on the left-side panel, in addition to the Nutritional Facts Label on the right-side.

The overall focus is on the main ingredient: ‘Seeds’ largely displayed on the front, and images of the ingredients are shown on the back of package.


“Exhibit A: Design Group not only produced attractive packaging, but they also iterated extensive versions to achieve our difficult messaging, and to ensure we met the consumer value and price perceptions when our products are noticed on the shelf.”, adds owner of Evania Foods’ Charmaine Ng.

“Our Seed Crackers not only had to tell our unique story, but also compete on the shelf with other cracker brands – and other snack foods – but at a premium price point due to high quality of ingredients and initial limitations with scale pricing.”


In addition to brand strategy and packaging, Exhibit A: Design Group created a long list of brand assets, including product photography, advertisements, and an e-commerce website: The website provides all the information for consumers interested in the new brand, such as the owner’s story, Seed Cycling, product details, FAQ, retailer list and blog.

Upon launch, Love Me Some™ Seed Crackers have been picked up by major specialty grocery chains, independent retailers and natural food stores across the lower mainland. Due to the packaging’s visual appeal, a major grocery chain immediately displayed the new products as an end cap display.

Love Me Some Seed Crackers are continuing to roll out on shelves at grocers and food retailers with the future plan to go nationwide.


About Evania Foods/Love Me Some™
Evania Foods is a health and functional food manufacturer. We are set on a mission to change eating habits that compromise food quality for convenience. Our Love Me Some™ Seed Crackers are are delicious, healthy, and convenient, and they also enable customers to take care of themselves through happy snacking! Love Me Some™ products are not only made by food professionals; they are also endorsed by Naturopaths and Nutritionists to bring the best functional food products to the world.

About Exhibit A: Design Group
Exhibit A: Design Group is a full-service strategic creative consultancy. We welcome ambitious projects with gutsy pre-launch startups, visionary entrepreneurs, and forward thinking, well-established companies that understand the value and power of research + strategy + design. We blend in-depth research, human-centered strategic thinking and high-level aesthetics have achieved successful naming, brand identity, packaging design, environments, and digital. Since 2002.

Exhibit A: Design Group created the name and brandmark.

Modern colour combinations, bold type and seed-inspired textures.

Informative charts and infographics explain the 'Power of Seeds'.

Love Me Some™ empowers people to make better snacking choices.

The packaging displays nutrition information prominently.

Applied Arts Magazine:

“Exhibit A studio consistently meets challenges and exceeds expectations.”