Wild Bites Dog Treats

Wild Bites produces lovingly handcrafted all-natural dog treats made from game meats, wild fish, and fruits and vegetables.

A longtime client of Exhibit A: Design Group, Wild Bites approached our studio to update its brand and packaging (which our studio had originally designed ).  The challenge was updating our own packaging that although it had become somewhat dated was extremely successful.

In 2006, Wild Bites™, a line of organic dog treats, approached our studio to design its brand packaging in response to a decrease in customer sales. The company had early success as a result of a great product, but at the time lacked shelf appeal and an increase of competitors in the ‘natural’ pet snack market was threatening the business. The company was also ready to expand its product line for launch into a broader market, that included independent pet stores and boutiques.

At that time, we revitalized the company identity and created a cost effective packaging system that communicates the character of the product – natural, fresh, organic, healthy and gourmet. The strategic packaging design created a family of products that focus clearly on the company identity to increase brand recognition and shelf appeal. The packaging rebrand was incredibly successful and elevated the company beyond their expectations.

Fast forward to 2014, Wild Bites™ has again tasked Exhibit A: Design Group to revitalize its brand and update its packaging to expands its products line and increase product scaleability for larger distribution and sales growth.

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