Salt Spring Coffee – Cold Brew

True to its pioneering spirit, Salt Spring Coffee set out to launch its cold brew coffee in natural food stores and mainstream grocery supermarkets.

Working closely with Salt Spring Coffee’s product development and marketing team, Exhibit A: Design Group created brand packaging with the goal to strategically bring Cold Brew coffee from mostly third wave coffee shops to grocery store shelves.

Cold Brew coffee is steeped for major mainstream future growth. Unlike iced coffee, cold brew coffee is brewed without heat for a long period of time. In Salt Spring Coffee’s (cold brew) case, fresh roasted organic coffee beans are fresh ground and mixed with cool water and left to soak for 15 hours before being strained. The result is a delicious drink that is less acidic and more caffeinated than traditional iced coffee (regular drip coffee chilled and served over ice).

“Cold brew is part of this general trend that’s focused on coffee as an artisanal product,” said Dana LaMendola, beverage industry analyst at Euromonitor. “There is an appreciation for coffee flavours more akin to wine, and the cold brew really brings it out.” According to Google Trends, cold brew coffee is seeing interest increase to levels never seen before. The searches for cold brew coffee have increased 25 per cent since July 2013.

Consumer research firms state that interest in artisanal cold brew coffee is transcending its summer only appeal and that the bottled coffee category (including iced coffee) is growing faster than anything else in the category, including energy drinks and tea.

Knowing that their customers pay attention to origin, roasting style and brewing to bring out the sublties of different beans, Salt Spring Coffee saw an opportunity to introduce cold brew coffee, mostly popular, in the ‘third wave’ of independent coffee houses to mainstream grocery and its own cafés.

Exhibit A: Design Group worked closely with Salt Spring Coffee to develop a strategic plan that included market research, identifying the target audience, consumer consumption habits as well as their future sales channels for distribution. Based on our analysis, we identified that although cold brew coffee may be gaining popularity due to popularity of cold brew in cafés, it is relatively unknown to a majority of consumers at mainstream grocery.

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