Little Mountain Learning Academy

Little Mountain Learning Academy is a well-recognized after-school academic enrichment facility that utilizes both modern and traditional teaching methods.

As part of the opening of its’ new learning facility, Little Mountain Academy sought the opportunity to re-evaluate its brand communications and messaging to better tell their unique story and market its unique after-school learning programs.

Little Mountain Learning Academy is an after-school academic enrichment facility whose methods are rooted in traditional learning as well as modern principles such as progressive education, personalized learning and dynamic learning. Their personalized teaching approach engage students in exercises that include meaningful and relevant subjects, and emphasizes ‘learning by doing’ rather than instruction purely by textbook or rote memory. Little Mountain Learning Academy’s educational philosophy is best demonstrated through a unique curriculum structure that focuses on the developing personality of the learner and honours the approach of ‘teach the student, not the subject’.

Despite having a well-established reputation and seeing continued business growth, Little Mountain Campus Academy (it’s previous name) realized that its product and services distinction was not clearly being communicated. To raise the profile of its’ professional image to better match it’s reputation  and to expand brand awareness with the goal to increase enrolment and fill their newly designed learning facility, Little Mountain Learning Academy engaged our team.

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