Jack and Lily

In 2003, Jack and Lily was a somewhat well-known manufacturer whose soft-soled baby shoes were sold in 200 retail stores across Canada. Today, they are a leading baby footwear brand worldwide.

In what evolved into a six-year creative partnership, we collaborated with Jack and Lily to create a focused, emotional brand position that would establish the company as a fashionable sought-after baby shoes brand.

Exhibit A: Design Group’s relationship with Jack and Lily began with the production of a single product brochure and led to a comprehensive evaluation of the brand at every touchpoint. Our initial market research revealed that our client’s primary consumers were women with discerning taste who appreciate classic styles. By focusing on these target consumers and their motivations during our evaluative stages, we concluded that Jack and Lily had beautiful products but an uninspiring and uncharismatic brand. As a result, the shoe company hired our studio to assist them with a complete rebrand.

We outlined a brand strategy focused on enhancing the product’s aesthetic appeal so Jack and Lily could excel at telling its story and living up to its brand promise of quality and softness in a meaningful and memorable way.

The goal was to enhance the customer experience of the product and position Jack and Lily as a lifestyle brand of baby shoes with maximum physical, intellectual and emotional appeal. Our focus was on appearance, feel and character, as well as improved product appeal and in-store presence.

We built a brand strategy around the brand character terms soft, fashionable, classic, sophisticated, and approachable. We measured everything we created against these terms. This included background textures for photoshoots, fabric appliqué illustrations, paper stock for communications and product development. Our goal was to ensure each visual cue expressed the intended brand personality.

To better understand how Jack and Lily could appeal to its target consumers, we studied their buying behaviours and the products they perceived as appealing and valuable. We sought a classic aesthetic for the overall packaging design, gathering inspiration from high-end perfume boxes, expensive hosiery, fashionable women’s footwear, and a range of colours and textures including stripes, ornate fringe and the application of foil stamping.

From developing product names and styles and curating colour for both the ‘My Shoes’ and ‘My Boots’ product lines to designing its ecommerce website, Exhibit A: Design Group collaborated with Jack and Lily to evolve its entire consumer experience through emotionally inspired interactions across multiple channels and environments.

The completed brand platform clearly elevates our client’s product beyond a commodity, transforming its distinct features and appeal into a unique, intangible brand experience difficult for its competitors to duplicate. Within two years of the of the initial rebrand launch, financial benefits to the client included a successful positive financial return of over 300% with an overall increased interest in the entire product value chain from agents, wholesalers, retailers and customers.

Exhibit A: Design Group was a marketing partner of the Jack and Lily brand for more than seven years. Our ongoing brand management ensured that the brand was sustained in a manner consistent with its original intent and character, while allowing it to grow, evolve and respond to changing business strategies and market conditions. Our twice annual international direct mail campaigns resulted in Jack and Lily footwear merchandised in over 3,000 baby stores and boutiques in 24 countries around the world.

Earnie Awards: – Jack and Lily – Voted #1 Baby/Kids Brand in Canada, 2007
Neenah Paper’s Paperworks Design Award: Gold, 2006
How Magazine Self-Promotion Design Annual: Merit, 2006
Applied Arts Design & Advertising Annual: Design Complete Program, 2005
National Post Design Exchange Awards: Visual Communications – Merit, 2004
Communication Arts Design Annual: Corporate Identity, 2004

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