Aly Dahl

Aly Dahl designs and handcrafts unique one-of-a-kind high quality silver jewelry in the form of customized ‘fingerprint’ pendants, charms, earrings, keychains

Exhibit A: Design Group was approached to create new packaging. Upon our research and discovery phase it became clear that the client required brand strategy , positioning and a brand identity that made an impression on varied consumer markets.

Aly Dahl Designs was created in 2008 by Founder & Artist Alyson Johnson. Cherished for loved ones including everlasting friendships, spouses, children, aging grandparents, and family pets; Aly Dahl creates a keepsake in the form of beautifully handmade customized ‘fingerprint’ pendants, charms, earrings, keychains and an endless array of personalized creative possibilities. All of Aly Dahl’s unique, handmade, custom ‘fingerprint’ jewelry is designed using silver – and at special request – limited designs may be available in gold.

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