Exhibit A: Design Group is a brand-building agency specializing in strategy, design and storytelling for corporate & consumer brands.

We are a strategically-focused graphic design studio that combines marketing and creativity resulting in award-winning naming, brand & identity design, print design, packaging design, environment design, and web & interactive design. We are located in Vancouver, Canada.

Established in 2002, Exhibit A: Design Group has successfully collaborated with clients in all business sectors, of all sizes, and from a variety of corporate and consumer markets. We’ve sparked new life into start-ups to accelerate their presence in new markets and help fuel the fire for established companies to further develop and grow their brand.

We empower clients to position physical, intellectual and emotional experiences, brands, and products by way of solid strategy while achieving design at the highest level.

Contact us at info@exhibitadesigngroup.com or 604 873 1583 to discuss your next project.

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